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Coral is a world class obstacle course racer. She will crawl through muddy tunnels, climb poles and swing from vines to win!

She used to be quite unfit, but decided to try an event and found out she loved it! Her favorite obstacle is the mud slide! Retrievers are usually golden in color, and their coat is double layered which helps make them waterproof. Impalas are graceful, quick and clever, but Ajay is also very curious about the world around her too. She always wants to find the hidden meaning behind everything, and has come to believe that everything is connected, and all things happen for a reason.

Impalas live on the savannahs and grasslands of Africa and are known as the 'leaping antelope', able to leap 10ft high and land 33ft away! Blush is a violin virtuoso, comfortable with all types of music from Classical to Country. She regularly plays alongside Pinky whose singing voice is world class. Blush is quite shy, and was encouraged to be a performer to get over her shyness. Cocker Spaniels are the smallest of the "sporting breeds" of dogs. They are very active and love chasing anything that moves, but they are also very affectionate and love to curl up with their besties or go in for a cuddle.

No one can resist his goofy smile, his funny bark and his happy outlook. His infectious good nature and happy outlook make him a very popular BFF who is loved by everyone. Labradors - one of the world's most popular dogs - are highly intelligent and sensitive to people's needs and emotions. Because of this, they make excellent companion or guide dogs, doing the thing they love most of all Cherry is a thinker. She can spend an entire afternoon standing utterly still contemplating the shapes of clouds for instance. Horses can sleep lying down or standing up.

They have been tame and part of our lives for over years, and originally evolved in North America. Elsa is very wise beyond her years. She always cocks her head to one side and thinks carefully before ever speaking, which makes her luxurious purple mane fall into her eyes.


Very cute! Elsa says that she is listening to her imaginary friend when she does this who helps to guide her. Lions have been called the King of the Jungle, although they tend to live in open grasslands rather than thick forests. Pinky shines on stage when she and her favorite violist Blush the Cocker Spaniel. Her voice can reach the highest notes clear as a bell, and when she is performing her operas alongside Blush, the audience is spellbound at their skill.

There are over million domestic cats in the world, but only 1 pink jelly one! They have excellent night vision, hearing and smell. They often serenade their besties with loud yowling songs in the middle of the night if they are hungry or want some snuggles. Midnight show anyone?

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She is a long distance runner whose determination is matched only by her grit. Never, never give up! In Germany, pugs are called "mops". Because of their stocky bodies and thin legs, they are not very good swimmers. Blossom is very shy and very difficult to find. But her kind, caring nature makes the effort worth it! She is very thoughtful, a good listener and a very good friend whose advice is highly valued.

She can see that sometimes, not everything is black and white. Pandas eat for 12 hours each day, munching through 12kg of bamboo!

My Little Pony: Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair

Although they can be quite lazy, they can climb trees and swim very well! Penelope is an expert skiier, skater and swimmer. Polar bears are the largest species of bear today. Their coat is a brilliant white which helps camouflage them in their snowy home, but their skin is actually black! Barbara is a rockabilly rocker. He loves 's doo-wop music and spends all day singing.

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He is actually not too baaaaad at all! People who are having trouble sleeping often count imaginary sheep in their heads. Soft wooly lambs leaping is so soothing, that most people are snoozing before they get to 50! Savannah is an avid astronomer who loves staring at the wide open skies at night on the savannah after which she was named.

She hopes to one day or night to discover a new star, comet or galaxy and to name it! Every zebra's stripes are unique, just like your finger prints! They are closely related to horses, but are definitely a different species. Vicky is a math genius who can calculate the odds of anything instantly! Her online video channel about math, statistics, chance and game theory has over 1 million subscribers, most of whom are math teachers trying to look for lesson ideas. Tigers are the largest of all the cats! Their snazzy stripes are very stylish, but they are also amazing camouflage in tall grass and jungles.

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Leila is a total Drama Llama! She is an extremely talented actor who has been on the stage ever since her kindergarten play. Llamas are found in Central and South America, and are closely related to alpacas and vicunas and camels Native Mexicans often kept llamas to help carry things around their mountainous home. Koalas very rarely drink water, getting all their moisture from the gum tree or eucalyptus tree leaves they eat. They also have two thumbs to help them climb around high in the Australian bush.

And like kangaroos, koalas are marsupials, which means they carry their babies in a pouch when they are young. Alex is one super smart Axolotl, who loves collecting trivia. He can tell you the date of any major event in history, the capital city of any city, the name of the tallest mountain in the world…you get the idea.

This amphibious genius is who you want at the school trivia contest. Axolotls are all teenagers who just don't want to grow up! They are the larval form of a salamander, and will stay completely aquatic as long as there is enough water. They can only be found in the wild in Mexico, and are also known as Mexican walking fish. Have you walked through a door only to have a bucket of slime land on your head? Ever sat on a chair which fell apart because the screws were loose?

Galahs are very friendly parrots known in Australia for being playful and cheeky.

In fact, if someone is acting a bit silly, Australians often call that person a galah! Hana is a rock climbing, snowboarding, ice skating and swimming expert! Her trophy room is so full of awards in so many sports that she has to have them alphabetically arranged. Despite her boundless energy, she can sit still and meditate for hours on end. Snow leopards are very acrobatic.

They can jump up to 9 metres high, and they use their amazingly long tails to balance on mountain ledges. Unlike other big cats, snow leopards can't roar! Maybe they want to avoid starting an avalanche! Samantha has a very good eye for a good business opportunity. She has an understanding of how business and economics work which few bankers could match, knowledge and insights she is happy to share with her friends.

Persian Cat are one of the oldest long haired breeds of cat, and come from Persia, which today is known as Iran.

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They are very affectionate and friendly, and were once a favourite pet for French royalty. Ooh la la! Scruffy is a true architectural artist. She can design and build the most stunning structures using any materials she can find, carving intricate arches and doorways with her teeth. On weekends, you will find her happily working on her latest project covered in sawdust and wood chips.

Guinea pigs' teeth grow for evah! They have to constantly gnaw on hard things like nuts and wood to grind back their teeth. Their closest relative is the cavy, the biggest rodent in the world! Oh, and they are not pigs. Kiddo is truly GOAT when it comes to being a friend. He is the first one to arrive at a party, and the last to leave.

His laughter and happiness is infectious, and he can bring anyone out from the dumps with a goofy dance move or a funny story. Goats have been a part of humanity's world for over years! They are very clever, and very, very playful when they are kids. They are excellent climbers, often living on sheer cliffs in mountains, and can even climb trees!

Her Winter Wonderland exhibitions are famous and visitors come from far and wide to marvel at her delicate, glistening sculptures before they melt! Lynxes have extra large feet with webbing so that they don't sink into the snow. They also change their coat to match the seasons. THey are brown or grey like a bobcat in the summer, but turn a brilliant white when the snows of winter come. Buddy is very good at acrobatics, just like his cousin Rocket. His dance routines are gravity defying. His breakdancing moves are legendary, and whenever he puts on a show in the street, traffic stops and huge crowds gather to watch.

Bulldogs are tremendously loyal and fearless, and need lots and lots of love. They respond to affection and love their family members. Despite their short legs, they are very fast and active. Bobbi has super soft grey fur which her friends love to cuddle up to. She can also tell when one of her friends is feeling down well before anybody else can, and she will always make sure that they are ok. Bobcats are larger than house cats, and have long sideburns and short tails. They are found throughout the northern hemisphere, and are incredibly fierce and brave. Florida is calm.

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Like, really calm. Description Fluttershy is shocked to discover that her pet bunny, Angel, wants to enter the annual Fine Furry Friends Fair herding contest! Who's ever heard of a bunny herding cows and sheep? Fluttershy agrees to train him, but their first practice is a disaster. Fluttershy is too afraid of failure to continue, until all her friends bring something special to help out. All Rights Reserved. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Notify me. My Little Pony Perdita Finn.

II Brandon T Snider. About G M Berrow G. Berrow is a writer and television industry professional living in Brooklyn, New York. When she was little, she aspired to become either a princess or a magical pony. Things seem to be right on schedule. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.