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30 Oct & 6 Nov 2018 Unleash your imagination @ Jimmy’s

Afterward, how creative fashion show ideas always dare to explore soon creativity? Who is Jimmy Paul, the designer today?

How his creative imagination about color, shape, and texture immediately challenge every day our way to dress? There were a few small ideas that didn't get implemented, though. For instance, I was going to have a puzzle that involved pushing and pulling platforms in order to create a walkable path, but there wasn't a natural place for it once I started designing the levels.

I just remembered something. There's a hidden cave in the game that has pots that play different tones when water falls into them. When you walk into the next room, a song plays that still sounds a little random, but it's more structured. Originally, I wanted the song to just be a series of chords, and then have the random notes play over them, but I ended up scrapping that idea since I knew there would be issues with the rhythm desyncing once you got into battles.

GC: Was there anything you are particularly unpleased with in the final release of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass? Anything you wish you could have done differently? KO: I'm pretty happy with it for the most part. I do wish that I would have caught all of the bugs prior to release, but I'd gone through it so many times that I didn't know how to approach the game differently, and my playtesters all have lives of their own and I couldn't wring anymore out of them, so I felt it was the right time to release.

My only other regrets have to do with marketing; I wish I would have contacted sites when the game was announced instead of waiting until it was just about released. In my ignorance, I thought that you needed a review copy to make news for a game if you weren't a major studio. Also I probably subconsciously avoided marketing as much as possible because I don't like doing it, and that was childish of me. GC: Jimmy was in development for four years. What kept you going and where there any times when the project seemed too difficult to continue?

KO: Well, I woke up just about every morning questioning my decision. I just always looked at the work that was yet to be done and thought how about overwhelming that was--even when I was in the last few months of development. But, if you just focus on stuff like that, it can get pretty crippling.

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I knew that this was something that was important for me to finish. I wanted to prove that I could make a game that I was really proud of, one that struck some balance between well-crafted writing and fun mechanics. I also hoped that I could enter the game development world through Jimmy ; the jury's still out on if it's going to be successful enough to do that, but, when making the game, it made development a lot easier.

GC: Did you do everything by yourself? All the art, music, etc? If do, did you have a background in music or art before you started Jimmy or are you self-taught? KO: Yeah, I did everything by myself, with the exception of some of the coding. In the RPG Maker community, there are things called "scripts" which are little snippets of code that modify the default engine. I used a lot of those, which made me able to design some things--like the stealing system--that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to.

But, yeah, the art, music, writing, game design, etc. I don't have a background in art, so that was "on the job training;" I had a little experience with one of my previous games, but I mostly learned by doing. I think that shows, especially in some of the early areas of the game. As for music, I've been playing guitar for fifteen years now. My minor in college was music history, so I was able to draw on a lot of that when composing. I also have a master's in English with an emphasis on creative writing, so I have a writing background more than anything.

What inspired these different types of tracks and how did you compose them? KO: Well, those aforementioned music history classes helped expose me to a lot of techniques, especially in the horror compositions. I've just been exposed to a lot of music, and I love music in general. The tracks for the game were all generally built around what the settings meant to Jimmy , and the compositional techniques were used to fit that.

KO: I absolutely hope I can make another game! However, learning a new engine takes time, developing a new game takes even more time, and what I can do is going to depend a lot on the success of Jimmy.

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I've got a lot of ideas that I'd love to see come to life, so we'll see. Plus, I'd really like to move onto a new project after spending so long on this one. But, I'm definitely updating to address any bugs that crop up. I'm also actively looking into a means of smoothing out the performance issues that some people have, and there are a few promising ways to port to Mac, which I'd also like to do in the near future. Would you consider other operating systems?

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KO: Looks like I got ahead of myself again! Like I said, I definitely want to port to Mac--it's a priority for me right now--and if I get that working, I might be able to port to Linux through a similar means. As for consoles, I really have no idea how I'd go about doing that, but I'd be open to it. That kind of depends on how successful Jimmy is. GC: Is there any personal message you might want to give to your fans?

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KO: As of writing this, Jimmy's only been out for a little over a week, but the fan reaction has been so cool. You never know what to expect. His imagination is so easily pierced, so fragile, that it bleeds. The image I see of this character, both figuratively and physically, is one of a big walking wound. Even in the story, Jimmy walks around bandaged most of the time.

RPG 'Jimmy And The Pulsating Mass' Is About Taking On Monstrous Identities - Indie Games Plus

As you may expect, this story is depressing. Early on, we learn that Jimmy is abandoned by his father. A few pages in, we see Jimmy as an older, insecure, socially inept man. Old memories, family history, and violent make-believe interrupt what could have been new development in the relationship between father and son. We see here a pattern of father abandoning son.

Jimmy remains lonely, unwanted, disturbed. He does not grow out of the mold.

A single page may rest on capturing a memory, a sound, a place, even a bird, from different points-of-view. The sequence may be interrupted suddenly by a memory, by a violent wish. It quietly captures how we edit our life time, moment by moment, on the fly, calling on memories, fears, visions, prophesies, to help us assimilate the conditions of our present world.