Comprendre Levinas (Lire et comprendre) (French Edition)

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Alterity and Transcendence

Lalande, L. Rey, A. Rivaud, L. Bougie, P. Janet, X.

BHL, le dandy le plus détesté de France

Le Roy, E. Baruzi, H. Corbin, P. Masson-Ourcel , philosophie nouvelle M. Heidegger, E. Husserl, K. Sartre, G. Marcel, J.

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Lautman, E. Meyerson, H.

Hersch, P. Landsberg, A. Marc , linguistique H.

Rencontre européenne

Pos , psychopathologie E. Minkowski, J. Bataille, R. Caillois, P.

An Analysis of Her Diaries and Letters

Brunschvicg, L. On peut y voir Monsieur Chouchani assis au milieu entre Kafka et Borges. Because he found me serious and motivated, he just very quickly gave up the requirement of writing, verbal was sufficient. I would first read the next verse, never more, in Hebrew. I would then copy the verse, in Hebrew, in my notebook, over two blank pages per verse, and draw columns lines word after word. In each column I would write down all possible meanings of each individual word without consideration to the neighbor columns.

I would then start a loop in a loop in a loop etc… to build statements meaning by meaning. Most could quickly be discarded as making no sense.

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Among those still making sense, I had to select the best, and convince Monsieur Shoshani why I was convinced that this was the best understanding. And then I only had to convince him that the contrary could as well be correct… before starting the next verse. He is very much reluctant to speak about him. His father also studied with Shoshani. He tells a story that Shoshani was teaching his father and spitting on his face while studying.

La Bible: quelle Histoire?

This Ben-Chouchan spent his nights on a bench on the upper deck of the ship, bundled up in his coat against the night chill. But those who got to know Ben-Chouchan noticed at once that he was no ordinary man. Who was that mysterious Jew aboard the ship? What was his full name, where did he come from and where did he go? But nobody remained indifferent.