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Who knows, but we can tell you that it had 64, Facebook likes and a large quantity of user ratings compared to its fellow recipes found on the same site. Click here to see our Ice Cubes Recipe. Any chicken dish can easily be updated with just one or two additions to its flavor, like with our Parmesan Chicken Fries recipe.

This recipe not only serves up delicious chicken, but it sneaks in a few good ingredients to make it healthy for you, too. Chicken pot pie is another popular recipe on this list, and while this one is much lower in the ranks, we think it earned its place because of its ability to serve a crowd easily.

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You can certainly go ahead and make our Pillsbury chicken pot pie version in a muffin tin as well, or you can try a different handheld treat like our mini cheeseburger pies. If you love fried chicken just as much as the rest of the country does, then why not try our slightly different and we think better version? Infused with saffron, our buttermilk marinade does a number on the pre-fried chicken, and our frying technique is pretty spot-on.

Betty Crocker is a baking icon, which is why it makes sense that this banana bread recipe would earn enough attention to be placed on this list. This Food. BBQ version, which uses fresh apple juice in the recipe instead of the soda in Food. His are pretty good, but sometimes we like a little crunch in our cookie, so we throw in a handful of walnuts when we make ours. This recipe is e-a-s-y.

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For a different read: better dish, try our version with about the same amount of all-natural ingredients. But in ours , we skip the dried package of gravy and use some Guinness instead. While we like the use of brown sugar in Food. Come on, even the name sounds better. Fresh Indian Home Cooked Food. Heathy food delivered to your door.

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Easy ordering. Party orders only. Oster 1. Food service. Taste of India. Please Contact. We Prepare delicious quality diversed food That is cooked at home with fresh and flavorful ingredients prepared at home from sacrach that reminds you backhome and you always missed. Halal option is available. You can contact via email for details.

25. Food.com's Ice Cubes

Near our condo willing to cater for people, Or a family of four. We are offering authentic home cooked Indian meals made with fresh ingredients to help you satisfy that craving or give you some extra time to yourself at the end of a long day. Our kitchen straight to your door - Delivery available! Hygiene and quality food is our 1 priority.

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Please place order hrs in advance. Indian Tiffin services in Downtown area. Delicious and healthy home cooked Indian food in the heart of downtown area. They are also a low-carb and high protein meal that is perfect for meal prepping! As for any taco recipe, the toppings are the best part, so be sure to make some super easy guacamole or authentic pico de gallo….

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This Imitation Crab Salad with Shrimp Recipe is a perfect seafood salad that is easy to make and full of amazing flavors you will love! If you love shrimp appetizers, be adventurous and give my shrimp tempura sushi roll recipe a try! Mini crispy meringue pavlova filled with chocolate ganache, chopped pecans, a simple whipped cream topping, and fresh berries. Best summer dessert recipe!

Do you love meringue and berries together?

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You absolutely have to try out mini meringue bites with chocolate cream and berries! This Honey Soy Salmon is grilled on a cedar plank with sliced pineapple beneath it, infusing so much sweet citrusy flavor! The best-grilled salmon recipe! If you love grilled salmon, try our 6 ingredient cedar plank salmon or our minute pineapple salmon for the perfect grilled summer dinner.