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Who will defend the children Like a seatbelt that defends children or like a guy whose job it is to defend children? Aidan Speckhard, a freshman, recited the alphabet, then pantomimed each letter. I can only speak in five Haikus Thanks for listening. Your pith in my nails As I peel you, stinging juice Squirts into my soul. One of the judges, Melissa Fusco, a philosophy professor, said that choosing the winners had been difficult.

Outsider poems, a mini-anthology in progress (54): 'Incantation for Jaguar Macaw Madness'

Marrinson fared no better than last year — or, considering the objective, no worse: He did not win. The winner was Mr. Temel, for the Haikus about the orange.

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Some years the contest winner has been presented with cuttings from bushes at the Kilmer service plaza on the Turnpike. Not this year. The Philolexians also awarded David Lalo, a junior at Columbia, a bar of soap for the dirtiest entry, the line epic. He described dashing it out more or less at the last minute.

An earlier version of this article misspelled the given name of one of the contestants. He is Aidan Speckhard, not Aaron. James Barron is a Metro reporter and columnist.

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The Worst One Is the Winner. The red mamey, who is the white mamey? Who is the black mamey? Who is the yellow mamey? Who is the red viper tree? Who is white, black, yellow?

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The red frangipani, who is white, black, yellow? These are your trees, Lascivious Madness. Who is the madness? What about the desire of chaos, the illness of madness?

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They will fall where she is, Yellow Sun Face, Yellow Dripper of Gore, where she is, the sole owner of the accursed gore. Drain it away then, to the place where she is, the sole owner of accursed gore drain it away then, you Four Gods, you Four Who Pour the Years, it will fall where she is, the star of Stupid Madness, it will lie four days in the place where she is, the star of Stupid Madness.

He bit his arm, relieving the chaos, relieving the darkness, and he also tasted the blood of the sweat bath, and he tasted the blood on the foundation stone. Well then, throw the desire of chaos there, desire of darkness, you Four Gods, you of the Four Directions, it will fall into the heart of Hell where its father sits, Ultimate Enemy of Fire, where she is, the Foreigner, Doorkeeper of the Earth.

Oak Tree Branches - A Poem from Mirrormist Anthology

This is its mother, this is its lustful father when it arrives in the heart of Hell. Lesson Plans. Teach this Poem. Poetry Near You. Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Tips for Librarians.

An anthology of Sanskrit Court poetry Vidyakara's "Subhasitaratnakosa"

Book Display Displays of poetry books create a visible presence for the art. Frequent display changes and quality graphics engage library users with the collection.

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Always reinforce readings and poetry writing workshops with book displays. This sends the message that programs are a launching pad back into the collection. Include poetry in topical displays, both for adults and young adults. Again, this reinforces the idea that poetry is a way to respond to anything and everything in the wide world. Request a National Poetry Month poster for display. Encourage young library visitors to make posters of beloved poems from the collection.

This creates material for displays and gives youngsters "inside-out" relationships with the text of the poems. Institute a program whereby every library user gets a poem during National Poetry Month this April!

Print a different poem for each day in April from Poets. Of course, we recommend and encourage you to display poetry titles year-round. Programs and Discussions Open houses and receptions can create a sense of a living literary community. Host a reception for local poets and keep a running list of their names and addresses. Host a Twitter chat with a poet on your library's Twitter feed. Actively promote the event in the library, online, and in other promotional materials. Include poetry in book discussion groups. At selected gatherings, use three poems as the text for discussion.

Use poetry for book talks, too. Sponsor an "open mic" poetry reading. Have library visitors sign up to read for five minutes each. Invite someone from the community to be an emcee. Try sponsoring poetry readings that will attract both teens and adults. You might book a more established writer with an emerging poet. Include a question-and-answer period.