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Make sure wet floor signs are easily accessible and in good condition, and that employees are setting them up anytime the floor is wet from a spill or mopping session.

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Signs let customers know to be careful or to avoid the area to keep from falling. Workstations like dish rooms are notorious for having wet floors so your checklist should include making sure there are rubber mats in good condition to provide traction, and ensuring workers wear non-slip shoes. Food-borne illness can not only cause physical illness but it can also hurt your business.

Employees should use a hand washing station frequently, especially after using the bathroom and your checklist should include verifying that hand washing signs are posted in each restroom and that employees are following procedure. Gloves must be used when handling food, and all wounds should be cared for and covered properly. Your checklist should also include keeping food at the appropriate temperatures as well as monitoring the function and use of equipment like meat thermometers, so that you know potentially hazardous food items are being cooked fully.

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Stay on Top of Food Safety with Health Inspection Checklists - Respro Food Safety Professionals

Photo Credits. Use these checklists to prepare for your hygiene inspection from a visiting EHO and to maintain food safety in your business.

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Give yourself a better shot at getting a 5 food hygiene rating score. Inspectors work to the guidelines of the food safety code of practice when conducting hygiene inspections.

Marks are made for non-compliance and added together to calculate a total score. The lower the marks, the higher the overall rating out of 5. Your inspection will result in a food hygiene rating scored out of 5 which will appear on the FHRS website. Anything under a score of 3 is really very undesirable — but you can always improve it over time if you take the right action.

To help caterers prepare for food hygiene inspections, we provide assured advice and guidance including inspection checklists and accredited training packages.

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    What to Do During a Health Inspection

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