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I did not come in prepared and I sat there, and maybe just because of where I was at in my life, it just sort of dawned on me: Okay, two women. And it sort of started from there, and then I kept developing it as we went along. How did you cast Christina as Jen and Linda as Judy?

Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me (Official Audio)

Did you chemistry-test them? The relationship between those women is so important to the series. No, we did not do a chemistry read. So literally the very first name our incredible casting directors, Sherry Thomas and Russell Scott, said for Jen was Christina. And then, we set out to look for somebody that we felt would be her counterpart, somebody that had the same kind of gravitas that we knew she would have, but in a contrasting and complementary way. So we kind of rolled the dice. Sometimes you roll the dice and it turns up lucky sevens. You mentioned your struggles with fertility, which became a plot line for Judy.

And I thought it was so generous and kind of just amazing of her to want to give that story over. And it brings such a humanity and a vulnerability to her character. The tone is so specific with the series shifting from dark comedy to emotional drama. Was that the biggest challenge in figuring out? There was almost an effortlessness with the way they were able to switch back and forth.


Sometimes it is a little melodramatic and sometimes it is a little ridiculous. Was this something you mapped out the entire season for in advance? Or did it change as you shot?

'Dead to Me' stars on mom guilt, grief and why their Netflix show is so hard to talk about

All ten episodes were completely dug in by the time we started shooting. Nine of them were written. Oh, yeah. I had not originally pitched that.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Christina Applegate: Jen Harding. Jim Spellman Getty Images. Linda Cardellini: Judy Hale. James Marsden: Steve Wood. Jon Kopaloff Getty Images. Sam McCarthy: Charlie Harding. Luke Roessler: Henry Harding.

'Dead to Me' is the easy-breezy Netflix binge you've been craving

Amanda Edwards Getty Images. Brandon Scott: Nick.

Max Jenkins: Christopher. Valerie Mahaffey: Lorna. Keong Sim: Pastor Wayne.

'Dead to Me' Needs to Answer These 5 Questions in Season 2

Jean Baptiste Lacroix Getty Images. Ed Asner: Abe. Greg Doherty Getty Images. Suzy Nakamura: Karen. Mike Windle Getty Images. Telma Hopkins: Yolanda. Steve Howey: Jason. Leon Bennett Getty Images. Olivia Macklin: Bambi. Gary Gershoff Getty Images. More From Entertainment.