Beneath African Skies

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Beneath the African Sky (SA ) by Paul Caldwe | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

The story I enjoyed the most, which transported me to my childhood, was the one about how the rabbit lost its long tail. A crucial component to the production is that every skit is about 10 minuess long, separated from each other by musical interludes.

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The performances of the skits are accompanied by miniature props, animal heads that can be put over the face, clothing items that are worn to bring a character to life and other such props. There is also an interval in the production to allow the audience to to stretch or go to the loo. On the day that I watched the production, the children in the audience were Grade 3s who, thankfully, seemed to understand what was going on in the play.

They were there on a school excursion. While watching the play, they were given popcorn, bought from the on-site store.

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The play has elements where the audience must interact with the cast in order to get the story to move along. Tickets are available from webtickets at R per person.

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Beneath The African Sky

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