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I couldn't imagine any other voice as Lucas. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? When Lucas figured out that Kidd and Lauren were involved and let them know that he knew. Great writing and performance by Richard Ferrone. Could be my favorite Prey book. Who was your favorite character and why? It was very cool to have Lucas, Virgil, Kidd and others all together. All of it See also my "Prayer Review" on other titles. It applies here too. This is one of the best prey stories that I've read.

I like the interplay between the members of the Davenport family, especially their teen daughter. There are the usual bad guys, and in this story the bad guys play political dirty tricks with accusations of child porn, and, of course, there are two or three murders. The killers are real, their motives are obvious but catching them becomes life threatening for those who knew too much.

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I found the story entertaining as I watched what the criminals were doing and what Davenport was doing all of which helped provide the story's much needed tension building as both sides makes their moves. The bad guys are trying to protect their secrets as Davenport tries to find and expose them.

Ferrone is one of audible's best narrators. He is certainly at the top of my list for this series. Great read I love this author Take s you right to Minneapolis Fabulous all the way. I wish the sad, brutal murders didn't have to be part of the stories but I suppose they do. Every book I've listened to by Sandford has been a winner and kept me glued to my earbuds or speakers from beginning to end. This one is no exception. Richard Ferrone has just the right voice and style for these books - I hope they never change narrators! The catharsis required for the ending of a good police procedural is lacking here - I was disappointed but to say more would provide a spoiler for others who might see things differently.

I'm not trying to be coy, but there are expectations for the story arc of a Davenport adventure that I, for one, count on, and it does not exist in this effort.

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The ending to me seemed, well, flabby, and in my eyes, made the whole book seem pointless. I recognize that this is a very personal view, and if you are a fan of this series, give it a go and see what you think -. Exquisite timing, in releasing this book.

As the US is torn apart by political scandals, here's a fictional take on the political process that exposes any number of the problems, but offering none of the solutions -- assuming there are any. This is politics in America today. Are you happy with the system? How it works?

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A week before a tight election the family-values Republican candidate becomes the target of dirty tricks by Democrat operatives, loading his personal campaign office computer with child porn, suggesting that he had been viewing the material, was called away from the computer, and had forgotten to hide it, A young female staffer uncovered the computer screen by accident -- and then all hell broke loose. A sociopathic, self-obsessed, nothing-I-could-ever-do-is-wrong, the-end-justify-the-means totally ruthless Democrat candidate, a wealthy photogenic woman who's recently taken a fancy to politics, is the obvious beneficiary.

Watch how all the players in this tightly-contested US Senate race are -- as Lucas Davenport observes -- wealthy. In fact, everyone involved is loaded -- including Davenport himself, of course, although that isn't a part of the plot. Watch the press assume the high moral ground, taking exquisite delight in the Republican's likely downfall.

When, after Davenport reveals information showing that the Republican hadn't done it -- watch the press continue to beat up on him, saying that after all, nothing is ever proved with absolute certainty shades of the OJ jury , and anyway, even if he hadn't done it, he COULD have, so therefore their obsession with his "child porn habit" is fair commentary.

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Watch a whole bunch of innocents -- well meaning, idealistic campaign workers on both sides -- get taken to the cleaners. Watch corrupt schemers, campaign managers, lobbyists, other elected officials all go into high gear to protect each other, all with the blissful complicity of the press. Watch the voters of the United States get turned off, wondering why it is they even bother to vote anymore. There's no honor out there, no bright shining candidates, no one with integrity who could ever win.

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When year after year, decade after decade, voters find themselves relegated to voting for the lesser of the evils, watch them tune out -- leaving the playing field completely open to all these Machiavellian operatives seeking absolute power over their subjects, the American public. A painful book, but a great one.

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Sandford joins my short list of mega-popular authors who keep getting better and better as time goes by, and who never seem to run out of interesting plot ideas. As usual, narrator Richard Ferrone outdoes himself in excellence. All this makes Silken Prey one of my favorite books of the year -- I will definitely listen again. And for those of you who've already read it, let me join your ranks and say I too am desperately hoping for a sequel.

You'll know what I mean. Your audiobook is waiting…. Silken Prey Lucas Davenport, Book By: John Sandford. Narrated by: Richard Ferrone. Series: Lucas Davenport , Book Length: 12 hrs and 17 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Murder, scandal, political espionage, and an extremely dangerous woman. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:.

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Most Helpful Most Recent. Jacqueline Politics, Pornography, and Murder The Prey series continues with another solid Lucas Davenport "mystery"--although it's not really a mystery as we know from the beginning who did it, what was done, and why they did it. John Norton Still my favorite combo of author and reader If you could sum up Silken Prey in three words, what would they be? The gang's all together again! Dave Staats SO incredibly good!

An Enjoyable Story of Politics and Murder The punt She has very definite ideas about the way the world should work, and the money, ruthlessness, and sheer will to make it happen. No matter who gets in the way. Governor Elmer Henderson hands Lucas Davenport a political hot potato in bestseller Sandford s intriguing 23rd thriller featuring the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent after s Stolen Prey. Incumbent Republican Sen. Porter Smalls had a slight lead for reelection, until a campaign volunteer accidentally discovered child porn on Smalls s computer.

Now Taryn Grant a wealthy, ambitious, ruthless Democratic newcomer might pull off an upset. Though Henderson is a Democrat, he believes Smalls has been framed, and tasks Davenport with quietly and quickly investigating.

Silken Prey (Lucas Davenport, #23) by John Sandford

Up against two of Grant s security men, both tough ex-military operatives, and the election deadline, Davenport needs all his smarts plus help from fellow BCA agent Virgil Flowers the star of his own series and computer genius Kidd. Sandford expertly ratchets up the suspense and delivers some nifty surprises as Davenport deals with political nastiness and paybacks regardless of party affiliations. Love all the prey books and John Sandford never disappoints. Go in order and start with the first Rules of Prey if you want to read this one. One of the best things about these books is 'growing' with the characters and Sandford does an amazing job of giving thoughtful and solid insight to the characters' lives.

Interesting story - if he would only tell it without his liberal, left wing crap. There are very few authors that know how to simply tell a story. This is why I spend hours in a bookstore trying to find fiction doesn't preach their "progressive" ideologies to me. Sandford does it again.