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But one day, we were excited to see them and every day after that was easier. Now, although we are still timid about new things, we love the people that take care of us and play and play with the other dogs and cuddle with the humans at night in bed. We know it will be scary but they say they will find a MUCH better home than they shelter did AND it will be a home that understands and gives us time. And if it by some reason it doesn't work, they will come get us and keep us safe for the rest of our lives!

About me!

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I am a young athletic, happy girl who just wants to be loved and feel safe. I think I would be good at protecting my humans too!

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I prefer male dogs when playing as bully dogs drive me insane. Who do they think they are??? Bullying is just bad! But I could be an only dog too if I got plenty of play time with my human!

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I just want to love and be loved and safe. Come see me and see how sweet and pretty I am. I will make you proud! Dale was Lisa's mate in the puppy mill.

More Seasons in Series

He too is very timid around strangers and new things but has come a long way. Dale smiles when he is happy or worried but soooo much wants to be a good dog. He, like Lisa, needs a quiet patient home to bring out the beauty within. He has a lot of energy and loves to play! But he loves to be around you more! It's good to see me, isn't it? No need to respond!

That was rhetorical. I have sparkling eyes and a soft, shiny coat.

Rescuing Rocky from the Quadrant Hacker! (Game Master Network First Mission)

Can you believe that? I am lucky enough to get my good looks from both of my parents. I have an extremely loving personality, but I tend to form the closest bonds with human females. Men kinda still scare me. Don't know why! I will love you forever and ever and ever. After a few months, she was not running away and barking at the man and was actually letting him pet her on the bed, but for Galinda's sake, we really need to find a female only home. She loves all the men volunteers at the rescue but it took a long while for her to trust them She is learning what humans are that "home" is not being alone in a tiny pen until she has puppies and gets them taken away each time.

She is almost housebroken with a dog door, and has learned to trust those she knows well. Lisa gets along with all dogs and has shown no aggression despite being extremely terrified. The PetSmart Charities Big Thanks Bonus is their way to give back and to say "thank you" for everything local rescues and shelters do for homeless pets in the community.

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By providing this additional support, they hope to ease some of the financial costs associated with running rescue organizations so we can invest that money in our future. Adopt a Cat. Become a Member. Visit Us. Click pictures to see more info.

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