Seduction in Paradise

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But Joe also discovers there are some who will not be seduced at any price. Great read Paradise must be a great town!! When I should have been viewing the incredible scenery, my nose was in this seductive book. A real page turner with lots of twists and turns.

Hard to tell the scoundrels from the good guys in Paradise, but well worth finding out at the end. Skullduggery at its best! The author has a talent for visual depiction and crackling dialogue. Fulgencio Batista, who took the presidency by military coup in , established the Bank for Economic and Social Development, which provided approximately half the capital expended in new hotel construction over the rest of the decade. Batista also encouraged foreign investment in new hotels and renovations by offering casino concessions to those committing one million dollars or more—an offer his U.

As a result, hotel room capacity doubled between and , with the Cuban hospitality industry union financing a joint venture with Hilton Hotels International and Meyer Lansky clandestinely funding the building of the chic Havana Riviera.

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Nightclub extravaganzas and posh cabarets, such as the Copa Room in the Riviera Hotel, marketed primarily to the wealthier tourist trade; locals tended to favor the dozens of smaller venues found in urban basements, on the road to the airport, and along the coast. Typically, these clubs stayed open until three or four in the morning.

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These artists were featured on Cuban radio stations, which opened as early as , and later on television. These nightclubs had extravagant revues with star headliners such as Marlene Dietrich, Tony Bennett, Harry Belafonte, and Cab Calloway , and casts of dancers and showgirls. The nightclub business was fueled not just by entertainers, but also by casinos—many owned or clandestinely operated by American mobsters.

An outdoor performance space completed the following year, Bajo las Estrellas Under the Stars , featured a modern abstract sculpture set among trees and catwalks where showgirls paraded.

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Bodybuilders, dancers, and showgirls whose entire job was to sashay seductively onstage were celebrated in television advertisements and magazines and on carnival floats. Cuba and the United States were both shaped by the close cultural ties established during this period. Both American and Cuban tourism promoters recognized the important role that movie stars and other celebrities had in influencing public opinion.

Hollywood producers made sure that famous actors and actresses starring in films set in Cuba were photographed at landmarks or hotspots in Havana. Visits to Cuba by American models or movie stars always turned heads and generated good publicity.

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While wealthy socialites frequented Cuba in the s and s, other Americans experienced Cuba vicariously on the silver screen. Most of these productions were light on plot and heavy on music and dance numbers—they come across as thinly disguised travel advertisements. Hollywood films encouraged Americans to travel to Cuba both physically and vicariously. Musical romances from the s through the s introduced American audiences to the people, culture, and music of Cuba, often refashioning Cuban rhythms to conform to American preferences. Cuban and North American dance and music were transformed as they encountered one another.

Home Digital Experiences Promising Paradise. Acclaim Featured on VanityFair. Sections With writing by curators Frank Luca and Rosa Lowinger Cubanness During the decades after the independent Cuban Republic was established in , intellectuals, artists, and tourism promoters alike wrestled with the question of what it meant to be Cuban.

Cuban Commodities A number of commodities, especially sugar and tobacco, have helped shape Cuban society and culture.

Promising Paradise: Cuban Allure, American Seduction

Carnival Havana had hosted annual Carnival celebrations when Catholic Spain ruled the island and continued to do so during the republican era. Cuban Pastimes Cubans developed a legendary appetite for gambling during the first decades of the republican period. High Society in Havana Between and , Cuba experienced a surge in tourism, with tens of thousands of Americans arriving each winter.

Who could have known that a common man like Joe McGowen would be called upon to act in uncommon ways to protect the town and the people he loved?

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  • People live in small, quiet towns because they enjoy the simple part of life. But sometimes these quiet, little communities are the perfect venue for those with much more sinister motives. In The Seduction of Paradise, Joe McGowen and his family run head on into the corruption and deceit one would only expect in the dark underworld of large cities.

    Joe discovers that not even his blissful town of Paradise is immune to the seductive nature of money and power. But Joe also discovers that there are some who will not be seduced at any price. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Rating details.