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Examples of goals might be eating at least four vegetable servings, not eating at bedtime, walking an extra three minutes or climbing an extra set of stairs. Throw yoga into your exercise mix.

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This ancient discipline has been known to lower blood pressure, improve flexibility, balance, range of motion, sleep and boost your immune system, increase endurance, ease pain, calm the mind and normalize body functions. That may be the most powerful motivator of all. Drink a large glass of water before every meal.

Put a large, full glass of water on your bedstand every night, and drink it when you wake up, every morning. Running a spring marathon? Start easy , schedule for consistency, make a plan , find a pace-compatible running partner, and after three weeks, watch an inspirational running movie. Douglas Wisoff, Boulder runner and physical therapist, Radiant Running, radiantrunning. Resistance training should be a part of your exercise repertoire. Adding lean mass or muscle conteracts one of the principal effects of aging, which is the loss of lean mass or muscle.

Get Fit Get Healthy

The benefits of new muscle and weight training are greater strength, injury prevention, balance, and metabolic health. If you have one, leave the other alone. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, which makes you feel hungrier and want to consume more. And when your body is metabolizing alcohol and food together, it uses energy from the alcohol first and stores the food as fat.

Consider adding some type of meditation practice. Research indicates that mindfulness exercises reduce stress, improve memory, sleep and concentration, can help to keep you bright and alert, reduce anxiety and the intensity of negative emotions and can activate the part of the brain related to happiness.

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Once you have established an exercise routine that you are sticking to or a regular training regimen, take one day off a week. Never give up. Almost everyone quits exercise at some point. The key to success is starting over, and sometimes, starting over again. Gaines Langdon Street Press, Do it for you. Log In Membership Newsletters Obituaries. By Kyle Wagner kylewagnerworld gmail.

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Group 4 Created with Sketch. These seven habits are easy to implement into your everyday lifestyle, and will help get you healthy and fit for life: 1. Stop making excuses I know, you're too busy to go to the gym. Walk more.

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