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After he had read them he laughed and stuffed them away in his pockets to become round hard balls. German acquaintanceship: Bekanntschaft. Although she was but forty-five, some obscure disease had taken the fire out of her figure. Listlessly she went about the disorderly old hotel looking at the faded wall-paper and the ragged carpets and, when she was able to be about, doing the work of a chambermaid among beds soiled by the slumbers of fat traveling men.

Her husband, Tom Willard, a slender, graceful man with square shoulders, a quick military step, and a black mustache trained to turn sharply up at the ends, tried to put the wife out of his mind. The presence of the tall ghostly figure, moving slowly through the halls, he took as a reproach to himself. When he thought of her he grew angry and swore.

The hotel was unprofitable and forever on the edge of failure and he wished himself out of it. He thought of the old house and the woman who lived there with him as things defeated and done for. The hotel in which he had begun life so hopefully was now a mere ghost of what a hotel should be.

As he went spruce and business-like through the streets of Winesburg, he sometimes stopped and turned quickly about as though fearing that the spirit of the hotel and of the woman would follow him even into the streets. Tom Willard had a passion for village politics and for years had been the leading Democrat in a strongly Republican community. Some day, he told German aimlessly: ziellos. He dreamed of going to Congress and even of becoming governor. Once when a younger member of the party arose at a political conference and began to boast of his faithful service, Tom Willard grew white with fury.

What are you but a boy? Look at what I ve done here! I was a Democrat here in Winesburg when it was a crime to be a Democrat. In the old days they fairly hunted us with guns. In the son s presence she was timid and reserved, but sometimes while he hurried about town intent upon his duties as a reporter, she went into his room and closing the door knelt by a little desk, made of a kitchen table, that sat near a window.

In the room by the desk she went through a ceremony that was half a prayer, half a demand, addressed to the skies. In the boyish figure she yearned to see something half forgotten that had once been a part of herself recreated. The prayer concerned that. Her eyes glowed and she clenched her fists. I demand it. I will pay for it. God may beat me with his fists. I will take any blow that may befall if but this my boy be allowed to express something for us both. The communion between George Willard and his mother was outwardly a formal thing without meaning. When she was ill and sat by the window in her room he sometimes went in the evening to make her a visit.

They sat by a window that looked over the roof of a small frame building into Main Street. Winesburg, Ohio 30 bakery. At the back door of his shop appeared Abner Groff with a stick or an empty milk bottle in his hand. For a long time there was a feud between the baker and a grey cat that belonged to Sylvester West, the druggist. The boy and his mother saw the cat creep into the door of the bakery and presently emerge followed by the baker, who swore and waved his arms about.

The baker s eyes were small and red and his black hair and beard were filled with flour dust. Sometimes he was so angry that, although the cat had disappeared, he hurled sticks, bits of broken glass, and even some of the tools of his trade about. Once he broke a window at the back of Sinning s Hardware Store. In the alley the grey cat crouched behind barrels filled with torn paper and broken bottles above which flew a black swarm of flies.

Once when she was alone, and after watching a prolonged and ineffectual outburst on the part of the baker, Elizabeth Willard put her head down on her long white hands and wept. After that she did not look along the alleyway any more, but tried to forget the contest between the bearded man and the cat.

It seemed like a rehearsal of her own life, terrible in its vividness. In the evening when the son sat in the room with his mother, the silence made them both feel awkward. Darkness came on and the evening train came in at the station. In the street below feet tramped up and down upon a board sidewalk. In the station yard, after the evening train had gone, there was a heavy silence. Perhaps Skinner Leason, the express agent, moved a truck the length of the station platform.

Over on Main Street sounded a man s voice, laughing. The door of the express office banged. George Willard arose and crossing the room fumbled for the doorknob. Sometimes he knocked against a chair, making it scrape along the floor. By the window sat the sick woman, perfectly still, listless. Her long hands, white and bloodless, could be seen drooping over the ends of the arms of the chair. You are too much indoors," she said, striving to relieve the embarrassment of the departure.

She had been ill in bed for several days and her son had not come to visit her. She was alarmed. The feeble blaze of life that remained in her body was blown into a flame by her anxiety and she crept out of bed, dressed and hurried along the hallway toward her son s room, shaking with exaggerated fears. As she went along she steadied herself with her hand, slipped along the papered walls of the hall and breathed with difficulty. The air whistled through her teeth. As she hurried forward she thought how foolish she was. The hotel was continually losing patronage because of its shabbiness and she thought of herself as also shabby.

Her own room was in an obscure corner and when she felt able to work she voluntarily worked among the beds, preferring the labor that could be done when the guests were abroad seeking trade among the merchants of Winesburg. By the door of her son s room the mother knelt upon the floor and listened for some sound from within. When she heard the boy moving about and talking in low tones a smile came to her lips. George Willard had a habit of talking aloud to himself and to hear him doing so had always given his mother a peculiar pleasure. The habit in him, she felt, strengthened the secret bond that existed between them.

A thousand times she had whispered to herself of the matter. Within him there is a secret something that is striving to grow. It is the thing I let be killed in myself. She was afraid that the door would open and the boy come upon her. Winesburg, Ohio 32 turn a corner into a second hallway she stopped and bracing herself with her hands waited, thinking to shake off a trembling fit of weakness that had come upon her. The presence of the boy in the room had made her happy. In her bed, during the long hours alone, the little fears that had visited her had become giants.

Now they were all gone. As she stood trembling in the darkness the door of her son s room opened and the boy s father, Tom Willard, stepped out. In the light that steamed out at the door he stood with the knob in his hand and talked. What he said infuriated the woman. Tom Willard was ambitious for his son. He had always thought of himself as a successful man, although nothing he had ever done had turned out successfully.

However, when he was out of sight of the New Willard House and had no fear of coming upon his wife, he swaggered and began to dramatize himself as one of the chief men of the town. He wanted his son to succeed. He it was who had secured for the boy the position on the Winesburg Eagle. Now, with a ring of earnestness in his voice, he was advising concerning some course of conduct. He says you go along for hours not hearing when you are spoken to and acting like a gawky girl. What ails you? You re not a fool and you re not a woman.

You re Tom Willard s son and you ll wake up. I m not afraid. What you say clears things up. If being a newspaper man had put the notion of becoming a writer into your mind that s all right. Only I guess you ll have to wake up to do that too, eh? The woman in the darkness could hear him laughing and talking with a guest who was striving to wear away a dull evening by dozing in a chair by the office door. She returned to the door of her son s room. The weakness had passed from her body as by a miracle and she stepped boldly along.

A thousand German advising: ratend, beratend, raten, Beraten, Ratschlag, Rat. Sherwood Anderson 33 ideas raced through her head. When she heard the scraping of a chair and the sound of a pen scratching upon paper, she again turned and went back along the hallway to her own room. The determination was the result of long years of quiet and rather ineffectual thinking. There is something threatening my boy and I will ward it off. Although for years she had hated her husband, her hatred had always before been a quite impersonal thing.

He had been merely a part of something else that she hated. Now, and by the few words at the door, he had become the thing personified. In the darkness of her own room she clenched her fists and glared about. Going to a cloth bag that hung on a nail by the wall she took out a long pair of sewing scissors and held them in her hand like a dagger.

When I have killed him something will snap within myself and I will die also. It will be a release for all of us. For years she had been what is called "stage-struck" and had paraded through the streets with traveling men guests at her father s hotel, wearing loud clothes and urging them to tell her of life in the cities out of which they had come. Once she startled the town by putting on men s clothes and riding a bicycle down Main Street. In her own mind the tall dark girl had been in those days much confused. A great restlessness was in her and it expressed itself in two ways.

First there was an uneasy desire for change, for some big definite movement to her life. It was this feeling that had turned her mind to the stage. She dreamed of joining some company and wandering over the world, seeing always new faces and giving something out of herself to all people. Sometimes at night she was quite beside herself with the thought, but when she tried to talk of the matter to the members German dagger: Dolch.

Winesburg, Ohio 34 of the theatrical companies that came to Winesburg and stopped at her father s hotel, she got nowhere. They did not seem to know what she meant, or if she did get something of her passion expressed, they only laughed.

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Nothing comes of it. Always they seemed to understand and sympathize with her. On the side streets of the village, in the darkness under the trees, they took hold of her hand and she thought that something unexpressed in herself came forth and became a part of an unexpressed something in them. When that came she felt for a time released and happy.

ECHELON - Definition and synonyms of Echelon in the German dictionary

She did not blame the men who walked with her and later she did not blame Tom Willard. It was always the same, beginning with kisses and ending, after strange wild emotions, with peace and then sobbing repentance. When she sobbed she put her hand upon the face of the man and had always the same thought. Even though he were large and bearded she thought he had become suddenly a little boy. She wondered why he did not sob also. In her room, tucked away in a corner of the old Willard House, Elizabeth Willard lighted a lamp and put it on a dressing table that stood by the door.

A thought had come into her mind and she went to a closet and brought out a small square box and set it on the table. The box contained material for makeup and had been left with other things by a theatrical company that had once been stranded in Winesburg. Elizabeth Willard had decided that she would be beautiful. Her hair was still black and there was a great mass of it braided and coiled about her head. The scene that was to take place in the office below began to grow in her mind.

No ghostly worn-out figure should confront Tom Willard, but something quite unexpected and startling. Tall and with dusky cheeks and hair that fell in a mass from her shoulders, a figure should come striding down the stairway before the startled loungers in the hotel office.

The figure would be silent--it would be swift and terrible. As a tigress whose cub had been German braided: flocht. Sherwood Anderson 35 threatened would she appear, coming out of the shadows, stealing noiselessly along and holding the long wicked scissors in her hand. The strength that had been as a miracle in her body left and she half reeled across the floor, clutching at the back of the chair in which she had spent so many long days staring out over the tin roofs into the main street of Winesburg.

In the hallway there was the sound of footsteps and George Willard came in at the door. Sitting in a chair beside his mother he began to talk. An impulse came to her. You will go to the city and make money, eh? It will be better for you, you think, to be a business man, to be brisk and smart and alive? The son shook his head. I don t try. There isn t any use. I don t know what I shall do. I just want to go away and look at people and think. Again, as on the other evenings, they were embarrassed. After a time the boy tried again to talk. In the room the silence became unbearable to the woman.

She wanted to cry out with joy because of the words that had come from the lips of her son, but the expression of joy had become impossible to her. You are too much indoors," she said. German blew: blies blight vereiteln, blies, blasen, wehen.

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He always wore a dirty white waistcoat out of the pockets of which protruded a number of the kind of black cigars known as stogies. His teeth were black and irregular and there was something strange about his eyes. The lid of the left eye twitched; it fell down and snapped up; it was exactly as though the lid of the eye were a window shade and someone stood inside the doctor s head playing with the cord. Doctor Parcival had a liking for the boy, George Willard. It began when George had been working for a year on the Winesburg Eagle and the acquaintanceship was entirely a matter of the doctor s own making.

In the late afternoon Will Henderson, owner and editor of the Eagle, went over to Tom Willy s saloon. Along an alleyway he went and slipping in at the back door of the saloon began drinking a drink made of a combination of sloe gin and soda water. Will Henderson was a sensualist and had reached the age of forty-five. He imagined the gin renewed the youth in him. Like most sensualists he enjoyed talking of women, and for an hour he lingered about gossiping with Tom Willy.

The saloon keeper was a short, broad-shouldered man with peculiarly marked hands. That flaming kind of birthmark that sometimes paints with red the faces of men and women had touched with red German birthmark: Muttermal. Sherwood Anderson 37 Tom Willy s fingers and the backs of his hands. As he stood by the bar talking to Will Henderson he rubbed the hands together. As he grew more and more excited the red of his fingers deepened.

It was as though the hands had been dipped in blood that had dried and faded. Doctor Parcival appeared immediately after Will Henderson had disappeared. One might have supposed that the doctor had been watching from his office window and had seen the editor going along the alleyway. Coming in at the front door and finding himself a chair, he lighted one of the stogies and crossing his legs began to talk. He seemed intent upon convincing the boy of the advisability of adopting a line of conduct that he was himself unable to define. It is not an accident and it is not because I do not know as much of medicine as anyone here.

I do not want patients. The reason, you see, does not appear on the surface. It lies in fact in my character, which has, if you think about it, many strange turns. Why I want to talk to you of the matter I don t know. I might keep still and get more credit in your eyes. I have a desire to make you admire me, that s a fact. I don t know why. That s why I talk. It s very amusing, eh? To the boy the tales were very real and full of meaning. He began to admire the fat unclean-looking man and, in the afternoon when Will Henderson had gone, looked forward with keen interest to the doctor s coming.

Doctor Parcival had been in Winesburg about five years. He came from Chicago and when he arrived was drunk and got into a fight with Albert Longworth, the baggageman. The fight concerned a trunk and ended by the doctor s being escorted to the village lockup. When he was released he rented a room above a shoe-repairing shop at the lower end of Main Street and put out German admire: bewundern, bewundere, bewunderst, bewundert, bewundre.

Winesburg, Ohio 38 the sign that announced himself as a doctor. Although he had but few patients and these of the poorer sort who were unable to pay, he seemed to have plenty of money for his needs. He slept in the office that was unspeakably dirty and dined at Biff Carter s lunch room in a small frame building opposite the railroad station. In the summer the lunch room was filled with flies and Biff Carter s white apron was more dirty than his floor. Doctor Parcival did not mind. Into the lunch room he stalked and deposited twenty cents upon the counter.

It makes no difference to me. I am a man of distinction, you see. Why should I concern myself with what I eat. Sometimes the boy thought they must all be inventions, a pack of lies. And then again he was convinced that they contained the very essence of truth. I don t remember and anyway it makes no difference.

Perhaps I am trying to conceal my identity and don t want to be very definite. Have you ever thought it strange that I have money for my needs although I do nothing? I may have stolen a great sum of money or been involved in a murder before I came here. There is food for thought in that, eh? If you were a really smart newspaper reporter you would look me up.

In Chicago there was a Doctor Cronin who was murdered. Have you heard of that? Some men murdered him and put him in a trunk. In the early morning they hauled the trunk across the city. It sat on the back of an express wagon and they were on the seat as unconcerned as anything. Along they went through quiet streets where everyone was asleep.

The sun was just coming up over the lake. Funny, eh--just to think of them smoking pipes and chattering as they drove along as unconcerned as I am now. Perhaps I was one of those men. That would be a strange turn of things, now wouldn t it, eh? My mother was poor. Sherwood Anderson 39 washing. Her dream was to make me a Presbyterian minister and I was studying with that end in view.

He was in an asylum over at Dayton, Ohio. There you see I have let it slip out! All of this took place in Ohio, right here in Ohio. There is a clew if you ever get the notion of looking me up. That s the object of all this. That s what I m getting at. My brother was a railroad painter and had a job on the Big Four.

You know that road runs through Ohio here. With other men he lived in a box car and away they went from town to town painting the railroad propertyswitches, crossing gates, bridges, and stations. How I hated that color! My brother was always covered with it. On pay days he used to get drunk and come home wearing his paint-covered clothes and bringing his money with him.

He did not give it to mother but laid it in a pile on our kitchen table. I can see the picture. My mother, who was small and had red, sad-looking eyes, would come into the house from a little shed at the back.

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That s where she spent her time over the washtub scrubbing people s dirty clothes. In she would come and stand by the table, rubbing her eyes with her apron that was covered with soap-suds. Don t you dare touch that money, my brother roared, and then he himself took five or ten dollars and went tramping off to the saloons.

When he had spent what he had taken he came back for more. He never gave my mother any money at all but stayed about until he had spent it all, a little at a time. Then he went back to his job with the painting crew on the railroad. After he had gone things began to arrive at our house, groceries and such things. Sometimes there would be a dress for mother or a pair of shoes for me. Winesburg, Ohio 40 down threatening us if we dared so much as touch the money that sometimes lay on the table three days. I studied to be a minister and prayed.

I was a regular ass about saying prayers. You should have heard me. When my father died I prayed all night, just as I did sometimes when my brother was in town drinking and going about buying the things for us. In the evening after supper I knelt by the table where the money lay and prayed for hours.

When no one was looking I stole a dollar or two and put it in my pocket. That makes me laugh now but then it was terrible. It was on my mind all the time. I got six dollars a week from my job on the paper and always took it straight home to mother. The few dollars I stole from my brother s pile I spent on myself, you know, for trifles, candy and cigarettes and such things.

I borrowed some money from the man for whom I worked and went on the train at night.

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It was raining. In the asylum they treated me as though I were a king. That made them afraid. There had been some negligence, some carelessness, you see, when father was ill. They thought perhaps I would write it up in the paper and make a fuss. I never intended to do anything of the kind. I wonder what put that notion into my head. Wouldn t my brother, the painter, have laughed, though. There I stood over the dead body and spread out my hands. The superintendent of the asylum and some of his helpers came in and stood about looking sheepish. It was very amusing.

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I spread out my hands and said, Let peace brood over this carcass. That s what I said. He was awkward and, as the office was small, continually knocked against things. I have something else in mind. You are a reporter just as I was once and you have attracted my German ass: Esel, Arsch. Sherwood Anderson 41 attention. I want to warn you and keep on warning you. That s why I seek you out. It seemed to the boy that the man had but one object in view, to make everyone seem despicable.

There was a fellow, eh? He despised everyone, you see. You have no idea with what contempt he looked upon mother and me. And was he not our superior? You know he was. You have not seen him and yet I have made you feel that. I have given you a sense of it. He is dead. Once when he was drunk he lay down on the tracks and the car in which he lived with the other painters ran over him.

For a month George Willard had been going each morning to spend an hour in the doctor s office. The visits came about through a desire on the part of the doctor to read to the boy from the pages of a book he was in the process of writing. To write the book Doctor Parcival declared was the object of his coming to Winesburg to live. On the morning in August before the coming of the boy, an incident had happened in the doctor s office. There had been an accident on Main Street.

A team of horses had been frightened by a train and had run away. A little girl, the daughter of a farmer, had been thrown from a buggy and killed. On Main Street everyone had become excited and a cry for doctors had gone up. All three of the active practitioners of the town had come quickly but had found the child dead. From the crowd someone had run to the office of Doctor Parcival who had bluntly refused to go down out of his office to the dead child.

The useless cruelty of his refusal had passed unnoticed. Indeed, the man who had come up the stairway to summon him had hurried away without hearing the refusal. All of this, Doctor Parcival did not know and when George Willard came to his office he found the man shaking with terror. German adventure: Abenteuer, Erlebniss, Schicksale, Schicksal. Winesburg, Ohio 42 Do I not know what will happen? Word of my refusal will be whispered about. Presently men will get together in groups and talk of it.

They will come here.

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We will quarrel and there will be talk of hanging. Then they will come again bearing a rope in their hands. It may be put off until tonight but I will be hanged. Everyone will get excited. I will be hanged to a lamp-post on Main Street. When he returned the fright that had been in his eyes was beginning to be replaced by doubt. Coming on tiptoe across the room he tapped George Willard on the shoulder. The idea is very simple, so simple that if you are not careful you will forget it.

It is this--that everyone in the world is Christ and they are all crucified. That s what I want to say. Don t you forget that. Whatever happens, don t you dare let yourself forget. The night was warm and cloudy and although it was not yet eight o clock, the alleyway back of the Eagle office was pitch dark.

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  4. A team of horses tied to a post somewhere in the darkness stamped on the hard-baked ground. A cat sprang from under George Willard s feet and ran away into the night. The young man was nervous. All day he had gone about his work like one dazed by a blow. In the alleyway he trembled as though with fright.

    In the darkness George Willard walked along the alleyway, going carefully and cautiously. The back doors of the Winesburg stores were open and he could see men sitting about under the store lamps. In Myerbaum s Notion Store Mrs. Willy the saloon keeper s wife stood by the counter with a basket on her arm. Sid Green the clerk was waiting on her.

    He leaned over the counter and talked earnestly. George Willard crouched and then jumped through the path of light that came out at the door. He began to run forward in the darkness. Behind Ed Griffith s saloon old Jerry Bird the town drunkard lay asleep on the ground. The runner stumbled over the sprawling legs. He laughed brokenly.

    German arose: entstand, entstanden, entstandst, entstandet, gingt auf, ging auf, gingst auf, entsprangst, gingen auf, entsprangt, entsprangen. Winesburg, Ohio 44 George Willard had set forth upon an adventure. All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was acting. Another gem is the. Vallendar, who enjoys passing on his knowledge to his son these days, also gets a lot of inspiration from travelling. I will never stop learning and having big goals.

    Der moderne Alchemist Hubertus Vallendar ist ein absoluter Genussmensch. Hubertus Vallendar macht keine halben Sachen. Wenn er sich etwas vorgenommen hat, strebt der kreative Kopf der Brennerei Vallendar zielsicher die Spitze an und erreicht diese auch. Die hochmoderne Destillerie im Bauhaus-Stil in Kail an der Mosel ist ein Ort, an dem sich Vallendar immer wieder neu erfinden kann und will. Seine Berufung betrachtet er als eine Kunstform. Denn das schmeckt man sofort. So bin ich immer sehr unkonventionell an die Dinge heran gegangen und habe viel.

    Etwas Besonderes ist auch der rote Weinbergpfirsichbrand, den es nur in der Region gibt. For instance, the highest cold-water geyser in the world. But Andernach also attracts gourmets, particularly those who favour the Italian cuisine. Ai Pero is made up of three different areas: The Ristorante specialises in Italian-Mediterranean gourmet cuisine, the Trattoria serves Italian classics and pizza from a charcoal oven, and the Enoteca features different wines.

    The Ai Pero is also well prepared for the current trend that sees restaurant guests becoming increasingly health-conscious. Seyfried und sein Team legen besonders viel Wert auf hochwertige, frische und regionale Produkte. Auch glutenfreie Pasta kann hier bestellt werden. Such a high level of commitment was quickly rewarded: In November , only eight months after Ai Pero opened its doors, the restaurant received a well-earned Michelin star.

    In the future, Seyfried wants to keep and improve the high level of service and quality. Furthermore, an English website is currently in the making. Auch an einer englischsprachigen Website wird derzeit gearbeitet. Discover Germany spoke to Schmiel about which motivation traps to avoid in everyday life, his new podcast series and much more.

    Why did you choose to become a psychologist? How did that come about and what fascinates you about this profession? Schmiel: As a student, I was fascinated by magic tricks and wanted to understand how they work. Thereby, I noticed that mostly psychological mechanisms were responsible for the most astounding deceptions. This very view behind the inner workings and the wish to see through the mysterious became my personal passion.

    You frequently analyse people, brands and the media on Sat. How did you manage to get into primetime TV as a psychologist? In , Sat. And apparently this joy also jumps over to the audience. What distinguishes you and your approach from other motivation experts? Schmiel: My experience and knowledge as a psychologist cater for sustainable motivation strategies instead of a short-lived flash-in-the-pan of excitement.

    Maybe you have some tips for us: which motivation traps can we avoid in everyday life? If you want to take off, you need to recharge regularly. But unfortunately, many people forget that! How can we motivate ourselves when we cannot get out of bed in the morning? This is a part of life and also of attentive dealings with oneself. For who or what is getting out of bed worth it?

    What are the reasons that make you move? Immediately after attending motivation training or a motivational event, the new knowledge gained is mostly fresh in the mind. Is it really possible to sustainably motivate oneself in the long-term? Schmiel: Is it possible to shower in the long-term? However, those who are willing to regularly invest some time in their personal development, will deliver convincing results. What can we look forward to from you in and ? After publishing two successful books Senkrechtstarter and Wichtig ist auf dem Platz , can we look forward to some more?

    Schmiel: First of all, my new podcast series Stars auf der Coach will start in the next few weeks. There, I will conduct psychological interviews with celebrities. These conversations are planned to be published in a book in the next winter too. And last but not least: what other dreams and wishes do you still have? Something for everyone For those who are currently on the hunt for the perfect congress-, wedding- or meeting venue, we suggest checking out the following offerings in Switzerland, as the country has a vast variety of locations to choose from.

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    Einzigartiger geht es nicht. Moncucchetto, in the heart of Lugano, is a traditional family winery that combines year-old vines with the modern architecture of its wine cellar, welcoming visitors between exposed rocks, steel and barrique barrels. Moncucchetto dominates the surrounding territory as a precious pearl nestled in an urban environment, an ideal place for events and meetings.

    The idea and philosophy behind Moncucchetto is the link between earth and human, the soil and the work that people put into growing vines. This is also reflected in the architecture of the wine cellar, says marketing representative Marta Lenzi. With the new cellar and additional vineyards, the wine production has now increased from three to 13 labels: among them, internationally award-winning wines like the Merlot Ticino DOC , a gold medal winner at Mondial du Merlot Dieses spiegelt sich in der Architektur des Weinkellers, sagt die Marketingverantwortliche Marta Lenzi.

    Today, she is supported by a whole team: among them, the young oenologist Christina Monico. Andrea Muggiano, ein kurioser und dynamischer Chef, betreibt das Restaurant des Weinguts, wo er herausragende Gerichte kreiert, die das Beste aus regionalen Produkten herausholen. Bar Rouge is the perfect after-work and weekend spot. The bar is located high above the roofs of Basel with a spectacular view over the exiting city life and the beautiful landscape. Bar Rouge in Basel — Closer to the sky Need a place to hold an after-work party or social event, enjoy cocktail hour or a weekend bash?

    The upscale bar, at metres high over the city, boasts spectacular views over Basel and its pristine landscape. Urban chic, relaxed luxury and an unrivaled location: this bar will even make you feel closer to the sky, especially during sunsets. The cosmopolitan atmosphere complements the quality of the drinks, food and the amazing views.

    As a high-end venue, Bar Rouge provides an ideal setting for a variety of events, including exhibitions and receptions, fundraisers, private parties, and corporate events. Bar Rouge first opened in and will celebrate 15 years of success this December. A team of 35 staff — including competent event and marketing planners — will work with clients to realise their individual demands and organise special events during the week or weekend.

    What Switzerland has to offer The Swiss might be most well-known for making outstanding watches, but they also have an excellent reputation when it comes to hosting cultural events across their beautiful country. A place full of stories: The Cartoonmuseum Basel Immerse yourself in a world of stories and art. The carefully curated exhibitions at the Cartoonmuseum Basel include anything from comics, graphic novels and cartoons to satirical drawings and animated films. The Cartoonmuseum Basel is not your ordinary museum. Devoted to narrative drawing, it is a place that welcomes experimentation and asks critical questions through drawn storytelling.

    Bern takes Pole Position about the spectacular motor races at Bremgartenwald. The Bernisches Historisches Museum dedicates its new exhibition to the Grand Prix Suisse, which turned Bern into the main hub for international motor racing between and , and was known as the biggest sporting event of its time in Switzerland. Grand Prix Suisse Bern takes Pole Position — that is the title of the exciting exhibition about the spectacular races in Bremgartenwald, which will be shown until 22 April at the Bernisches Historisches Museum.

    In , over , visitors flooded the then small city for its most popular race. Back then, and as a direct result, the first traffic jams were seen — long before mass motorisation. Grand Prix Suisse — April im Bernischen Historischen Museum zu bestaunen ist. Es entstanden die ersten Verkehrsstaus — noch vor der Massenmotorisierung. But the exhibition is not just about cars. Until April , a giant Carrera race track, measuring five by eight metres, is sure too, to have the hearts of both young and old amateur racers beating fast. Die Ausstellung dreht sich aber nicht nur um Autos. Produced in Southern Styria, in the South of Austria, Styrian dry Gin offers a rich diversity of incredible flavours with its 28 botanicals.

    Defining are the Styrian ingredients apple and elderflowers. The founders themselves exclusively distil their gin in small copper kettles and small batches. But with great passion. World Spirits Award Winner ! Discover the charm of the railway What is the charm of the railway exactly? The Albula line and the Rhaetian Railway particularly know how to enchant via all of the above. Conveniently located at the railway line towards St. Moritz, Bahnmuseum Albula is easily accessible due to year-round operation of the Rhaetian Railway.

    Visitors can wander through valleys and tunnels, learn more about the pioneering acts that surrounded the railwayline construction or listen to the stories of the first female conductor working for the Rhaetian Railway. Due to the fact that the development and foundation of the railway companies, the planning and construction of the railway lines, as well as the operation and maintenance of the trains in Grisons has been coined by different personalities, which ultimately led to the Albula and Bernina Railways being declared UNESCO World Heritages, visitors can look forward to an interesting collection of personal stories which includes historic film fragments, photographs, radio reports and newspaper articles.

    Different tours, events and workshops cater towards various visitor groups, such as children, teenagers, culture- and technology enthusiasts, or school classes. For example, children can look forward to a route through the exhibition that has been specifically designed for them and, thus, equipped with child-friendly information and interactive tasks. The barrier-free Bahnmuseum Albula invites visitors to think and become active through digital and analogue possibilities of interaction, available in four languages German, English, Italian and French.

    And with all this, the history of the Rhaetian railways and also the elements behind the charm of the railway, come alive. Direkt an der Bahnstrecke nach St. November - Dezember We had a closer look at the top 15 in the list and thought we should suggest some off-the-beaten-track alternatives. Because if you like those, you might also like these. So, if you like your forests deep and wild, why not try another one about miles to the northeast: Hainich National Park, an ancient woodland in Thuringia and part of the World Heritage region of Wartburg Hainach, was once a military exclusion zone and is now the.

    With its ancient beeches and more than 8, species of animals, it provides a proper primeval forest experience right in the heart of Germany. And there is a special attraction that you will not find in the Black Forest: Hainich Canopy Walkway allows visitors to enjoy the green splendour from the treetops. It is a charming part of Germany, uniquely placed so close to both Austria and Switzerland, blessed with a Mediterranean microclimate and featuring picturesque towns.

    Synonyms and antonyms of Echelon in the German dictionary of synonyms

    However, we are thinking that if you like lakes and water and charming towns, you might also go for Schwerin and the Mecklenburg Lake District. About miles up north and literally on the other side of the country, you do not only get one lake here albeit a very big one in the case of Lake Constance , but a network of thousands of lakes, many of them connected by rivers and canals. Schwerin, as the state capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, is a great base for exploring the region and is itself sited around a number of lakes.

    And yes, this really is as splendid as it sounds. Plus, there are many more beautiful palaces and mansions in the area, some of them now hotels. Built between and , it is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful Gothic church buildings in Germany. What is more, the cathedral has retained its medieval treasury virtually intact. The perfectly preserved ensemble of art from the Middle Ages, with over objects, is one of the largest of its kind worldwide.

    Some items can be viewed in a permanent exhibition which is fascinating! It dates back to around and will most definitely take your breath away. Main image: Schwerin Palace. Top left: Mecklenburg Lake District. Bottom left: Hainich Canopy Walk. Middle: Halberstadt Cathedral. Top right: Inside Halberstadt Cathedral. Middle right: Schwerin Palace.

    Bottom right: Cathedral Treasure exhibition. The mountain station of the new Matterhorn glacier ride lies at 3, metres above sea level and is thereby the highest mountain station in Europe. Mountain enthusiasts using the Matterhorn glacier ride at the Klein Matterhorn can expect a peaceful and very comfortable ride in one of the 25 cabins.

    The Crystal ride cabins, however, with their , Swarovski crystals, offer a particularly breathtaking view of the mountain panorama, including the Matterhorn. Through an electric impulse, the frosted glass bottom becomes see-through and allows a panoramic mountain view.

    Eine ruhige und sehr komfortable Fahrt in 25 Kabinen erwartet Bergbegeisterte, die den neuen Matterhorn glacier ride am Klein Matterhorn nutzen. Durch einen elektrischen Impuls wird das Milchglas das Kabinenbodens durchsichtig und erlaubt so einen Rundum-Blick auf die Berge.

    The Matterhorn glacier ride combines the latest technology with design and comfort. Due to the snowy winters, often metres of snow had to be cleared away from the building site. Der Matterhorn glacier ride verbindet modernste Technik mit Design und Fahrkomfort. Highlights, die einem besonders im Herbst und Winter das Wasser im Munde zusammen laufen lassen. Hausgemachter Apfel-Rotkohl dazu ist ein Muss! Mit einem reichhaltigen Angebot an Fleisch- und Fischvariationen sowie.

    Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Der Weiterverkauf des Gutscheincodes ist untersagt. Look out for your well-being this winter This season, with the colder weather out in force, it is important for us all to do something for our health and well-being. Have a look, and perhaps even get inspired to take a visit to one too — you certainly will not regret it! Health and recreation far away from everyday and work-related stress Gaining and preserving good health is at the centre of the COR-Resort in Upper Bavarian Brannenburg.

    Especially people with challenging jobs and great responsibilities, often suffer from burnout or depressive moods. In the CORResort they find an ideal retreat — remote and discreet. The Medical Relax-Resort combines a high-class hotel with a private internal practice. Here, Dr. Ira Mayrhofer takes her time with everyone in need of regeneration and gets to the bottom of their symptoms, even in cases of an unexplained state of fatigue. It is therefore necessary to breach the vicious cycle between cause and effect. Ira Mayrhofer is a medical specialist for internal medicine, nutrition medicine, rehabilitation and psychosomatic primary care and most recently worked in a leading position at a renowned orthopaedic-internist rehabilitation clinic at the Tegernsee.

    People who want to regenerate under medical supervision after a long illness, are in the right place here too. At COR-Resort, guests will find the standard of a firstclass hotel and can book additional medical treatments through either private health insurance or paying themselves — without notes being filed and with utmost discretion.

    No data is digitally stored, to protect it from external access. The six exclusive suites of the resort, which have gained best ratings on booking. The COR-Resort also provides a bar and library, a bistro, a conservatory and a hall for meditative relaxation. It is not uncommon that hotel guests decide to have a medical consultation during their stay. Shock wave therapy, for example, helps against posture-related muscle tension. When suffering from stressrelated exhaustion, a high-dose vitamin infusion will be helpful and transcranial magnetic stimulation helps against de-. Gerade in anspruchs- und verantwortungsvollen Berufen leiden viele Menschen irgendwann an Burnout oder depressiver Verstimmung.

    Hier nimmt sich Frau Dr. Da gilt es den Circulus vitiosus zwischen Ursache und Auswirkung zu durchbrechen. Die sechs exklusiven Suiten des Resorts, das bei booking. In dem 7. For better medical care What would a hospital look like were it solely about the patients and their health? We think there is a very clear answer to that: You need the best doctors and the best medical technology. Plus, a new, smart way of cooperation between the attending doctors, i. This allows for precise clinical diagnostics, immediately followed by personalised treatments.

    In a nutshell, it wants to treat you better on every level; medically and as humans. In this context, the hospital is known for outstanding medical expertise and top performance. Its three programmes basic check-up, complete check-up, complete check-up plus are very flexible and can be customised according to personal requirements, including further add-ons. Health check-ups that fit in with everyday life Numerous private and professional considerations and obligations often limit the time you have available for yourself. Health check-up process It all starts with an in-depth conversation with a consultant German Facharzt to gather all the necessary information about your medical history, lifestyle and general health.

    This is followed by examinations that are specifically tailored to your requirements while always deploying state-of-theart medical technology. Towards the end of the day, all the results will be presented and explained to you. Based on the diagnosis, you will also be provided with detailed advice on how to maintain and improve your health in everyday life. Its team looks forward to seeing you! Medizinisch und menschlich. Gesundheits-Check-up: An Ihren Alltag angepasst! The heroine wanders through the market place and overhears the name herself, [20] thus actively participating in her own rescue.

    Thus, whilst the original heroine is rewarded for her activity, her counterpart is subversively praised for her inactivity and dependence. Another popular tale which advocates passivity as a feminine ideal is the notorious Aschenputtel. Bettelheim argues that Cinderella takes the initiative to be recognised by the prince. She must essentially remain meek at the ball and rely on her beauty to gain attention. She remains particularly inactive at the end, purely responding submissively to the imperatives given by the prince. For this, she is rewarded with marriage and elevated to a greater social status.

    The Grimms demonstrate a peculiar logic that if females wait, they will be chosen, and rewarded. Thus acculturating girls to the inactive roles that they were socially set. This pattern can also be mapped on to the lesser known tales, and it is here that it gains a profounder dimension. Rather than returning with him, she curiously immobilises herself, morphing into an object which epitomises inactivity.

    Both their motives remain unquestioned, and seem to present female passivity and male activity as generic gender behaviour. Furthermore, a snare causes the hero to forget her and he agrees to marry another. Here, the Grimms could be using the image of a flower to associate inactivity with beauty, thus presenting it as a desirable attribute. Again, the tales contain a peculiar logic which rewards passive females with a happy ever after. Here, the heroine displays an active resourcefulness rarely seen in the tales, and is even able to function as a destroyer without being chastised.

    Looking at the other tales, it becomes clear that the Grimms sought to tie female passivity in with the marriage dominated plots. To what extent then, were the brothers intent on aligning activity with the masculine? Looking at the popular tales where the hero gallantly saves the princess, this is very much the case. However, the princes in these tales are one-dimensional, functioning purely as the fulcrum which leads to the happy endings. The tales that centre male protagonists however, present an inversion of the masculine stereotype.

    It is not rare, then, for the fairy tale heroes to suffer silently and endure hardships in a passive fashion. Most curiously, the protagonists are not ridiculed, but rewarded with the help of woodland creatures, allowing them to outsmart their superiors. However, these could be read autobiographically. However, one could argue that it is here that the gender differences surface: whilst boys are taught that they can ascend from passive roles and gain social recognition; their female counterparts are limited to passivity, and conditioned to believe that that role alone is socially acceptable.

    London: HarperCollinsPublishers, , Texas: University of Texas Press, , Georgia: University of Georgia Press, ,