Marketing Options of the National Blood Service

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Blood donations can help save people's lives. Learn how blood donations help, what to expect, and how to get ready for your first blood donation.

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Did you know that based on your blood type and patient needs there is a "right" type blood donation for everyone? Blood supplies are dangerously low. All blood types needed now. There is an emergency need for blood and platelet donors. Please give now to ensure blood is available for patients facing trauma and other life-threatening situations. Make Your Appointment. Give Blood. Emergency Need For Blood. Calling all donors - please schedule to give blood or platelets this week.

These problems all pre-date Facebook — but now it has to deal with them

View My Account. Apply to Become a Host. Gowda added: "The Facebook blood donation tool is not only trying to save lives but also indirectly helping to create a very disastrous and illegal blood donation activities. These kinds of problems long pre-date Facebook's entry into the blood donation space, and also take place on other online platforms, Biswas said. While there may be a few bad actors, we see a lot more good happening as a result of this feature.

She said that partners "highlighted a few concerns about potential No partners have raised issues since we launched the product in each country, but we continue to work closely with them to ensure the feature is as safe and useful as possible. But the concerns of the Indian organizations who spoke to Business Insider point to how as Facebook moves into new markets and experiments with new tools designed to do good, it has been forced to grapple with unprecedented new challenges that would have been unimaginable when it was founded as a simple network for college students in Facebook has stumbled in India before, with Free Basics — a program to provide a free, limited internet service to users in emerging markets.

Facebook promoted it as a magnanimous project, but it was met with protests , and the company was accused of "digital colonialism" and violating net neutrality principles. A nurse takes blood from a volunteer on April 17, , Manchester, England.


At present, a portion of India's blood donations come from what is known as "replacement blood donations" — when a donor agrees to give blood specifically for someone in their network, rather than to the general blood bank. This system can be problematic, with donors sometimes feeling pressured to donate blood to those in their community, and the lack of anonymity sometimes causing issues with donors attempting to extract favors if not outright payment from the recipients.

FIBDO is concerned that Facebook's mechanism for connecting donors and recipients directly can encourage replacement blood donation.

Marketing Options of the National Blood Service

He believes that Facebook's one-to-one model effectively violates India's National Blood Policy, which calls for a movement away from replacement donors, and he would like to see Facebook remove one-to-one donation options. Without Facebook's tools, people needing donations might ask people in real life for a donation, applying significant pressure, Budaraju said. In contrast, Facebook's notifications will also go to people outside a recipient's existing social circle, to people who have already registered and signaled their willingness to donate.

The recipient is also unaware of the potential donors' identities unless they choose to respond and share information about themselves. Another area of concern is around potential blood wastage. Srijan Pal Singh, the CEO of developmental NGO The Kalam Centre, said that Facebook's focus on increasing blood donations, without building out further blood storage infrastructure, could result in some of the blood drawn being wasted. It's not about creating more units, it's about helping more lives, and there's a difference between the two," he said.

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Facebook responded that it believes that other organisations in the blood donation ecosystem are better placed to work on these problems than it. Facebook's strengths in terms of education, communication, context, and in bringing awareness, and to build simple tools for blood banks and hospitals,"Budaraju said. It's difficult to assess to what extent some of these concerns might actually be happening on Facebook. Khoon's Chethan Gowda conceded that it's hard to measure whether the illegal behavior he has seen elsewhere is taking place on Facebook.

Singh urged Facebook to get ahead of the problem. Biswas said he is confident that black market selling is already taking place on Facebook, and has spoken to people who have been approached by blood sellers on the platform: "These things are happening. And as you can see when the people are in need of blood, they won't come out to say to the donor organisations afterwards that people are coming and asking for money. Despite these alleged flaws, Facebook believes it has built a significant improvement on the previous status quo — desperate patients and their families posting unregulated and unmonitored requests for blood directly onto Facebook and other platforms across the web.

Both Facebook and FIBDO agree that a priority is education and promoting a cultural shift towards voluntary blood donation; Facebook plans to roll out educational resources for donors in the product soon. The company also continues to work with NGOs and blood donation organisations, who have heralded its work to drive blood donations and save lives.

Open Positions

What Facebook is doing has the potential to bring tectonic shifts in Blood Banking in India. On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a post on the social network reflecting on Facebook's efforts to fix its platform over the last year. Do you work at Facebook? Do you know more? PR pitches by email only, please.

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